The new standing version of the Flask series luminaire features: a DIM switch on the reflector, a flat, modern base and an LED source with full spectrum CRI98 - SUNLIGHT. The luminaire comes in two light colors 2700 K and 3000 K as standard with SUNLIGHT LED and DIM switch.


The DIM switch in the new version of the luminaire is located on the reflector. This makes it easy to control the luminaire. The DIM switch allows you to switch on / off the luminaire, adjust the light intensity, as well as extinguish and automatically switch off the lamp after 30 minutes (SLEEP function). (An additional advantage of DIM switches is that the luminaire remembers the last light intensity level and will start at exactly the same brightness level).

In addition, in the new version of the luminaire we use a flat base, which looks light and modern, and therefore stable.


The standing luminaire can provide supplementary lighting in various types of interiors. In private places it will work well as lighting in the living room, bedroom, home office or children's room. Increasingly, supplementary lighting is used in workplaces, which will allow intimate, gentle illumination. Thanks to its minimalist form, this luminaire will also find its use in public spaces.

The headlights in the Flask series have an articulated joint that allows you to direct the spotlight anywhere you want. With the adjustable lens, you can adjust the angle of the light. Simply twist the lens holder to adjust the angle between 15-40 degrees. This will allow you to precisely illuminate the selected object.

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