The minimalist MFlask family features subtle proportions, modern design and an LED source with full spectrum CRI98 sunlight - SUNLIGHT. The fixtures come in two light colors 2700 K and 3000 K as standard with SUNLIGHT LED and DIM switch.

The MFlask series includes as many as three types of wall lamps.

MFlask K DIM is a surface-mounted wall lamp with a base 35 mm high and 90 mm in diameter. The luminaire has a built-in power supply.


MFlask S K DIM is a wall sconce with a flat base (12 mm high, 90 mm diameter) designed for wall mounting. The fixtures are sold with a power supply that plugs into an electrical outlet. A solution for those who do not have a power outlet on the wall.


MFlask H K DIM is a wall lamp designed for mounting in a headrest or wall. The base with a diameter of 90 mm protrudes out of the plane for only 5 mm. This solution is safe for the user, protecting him from access to electronics, and the installation of the luminaire is done by screwing it to the plate with screws. Then the luminaire is protected against accidental disassembly or its rearrangement. The luminaire has a built-in power supply.


The spotlights in this series are perfect for places we have within reach. Built-in DIM switch allows you to turn the luminaire on / off, adjust the light intensity, and to extinguish and automatically turn off the lamp after 30 minutes (SLEEP function). An additional advantage of DIM switches is that the luminaire remembers the last light intensity level and will start at exactly the same brightness level.

The spotlight can be rotated 360 degrees, and the adjustable lens allows you to adjust the angle of light while using the luminaire.


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