Mika is the latest design by Daniel Becker - author of the Moonlight series, which won the MUST HAVE 2022 award.

The design of the luminaire is reminiscent of the Moonlight series, where the light source is set back, the light output is focused and dynamic, but does not cause glare. The Mika luminaire shines direct light at an angle of 80 degrees. The hidden lens makes Mika ideal as a table light. Suspended 80 cm above the surface, it can boldly illuminate a table with a diameter of 120 cm.

The luminaires come in three diameters (238 / 360 / 490 mm) and two mounting: with a base (designation Z) and without a base (designation ZS).

Mika Z is a light fixture with a ceiling base included in the kit and a 1.5m screen cable as standard. Two colors of cable are available: white and black.

The standard version of the luminaire has a TRIAC power supply, which allows phase dimming via a potentiometer. However! TRIAC power supply also works in ON/OFF mode using classic switches.

The Mika ZS model is a luminaire without a power supply base. Therefore, a necessary accessory is the corresponding SNAP base, which includes power supplies. With SNAP bases, we can group lamps, power them from a single electrical point and choose the type of dimming. You can read more about the READY 4 SNAP system here.

The Mika ZS has a screen cable available in two colors: black and white with a length of 3 running meter.

Mika luminaires are available with Sunlike technology, which makes the emitted light resemble sunlight. The full spectrum of such light allows for faithful color reproduction, improves mood and concentration. Sunlike LEDs guarantee a CRI of 97. Another advantage of Sunlike LEDs is that when dimming the luminaires, color dynamics is preserved.

90% of the luminaire's parts are fully recycled, and all parts are replaceable. The luminaire can be repaired at any time during its use. The working time of the LED is about 50,000 working hours, which, with use of 8h / day, gives us 15 years of operation of the luminaire.

The lenses used are manufactured from glass of exceptional purity, coming from the renowned Preciosa glassworks. The specially selected structure softens the light and eliminates contrasts that are tiring to the eye. It absorbs 8% of light and distorts its color by only 6%.

Mika luminaire is ideal for private interiors in the dining room, living room or bedroom, as well as in restaurants, galleries, clubs, hotels, showrooms or studios.

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