Moi R K is a new wall-mounted luminaire from the minimalist Moi series. It is distinguished by the fact that it works well in a variety of settings. The movable arm of the reflector and a special handle that allows the luminaire to be rotated 360 degrees, allows you to set the light in any direction. Thanks to this, it can be used: as a reading luminaire that provides optimal lighting in a bedroom or living room, or as a spotlight in restaurants, cafes or galleries.


The built-in lens provides the highest quality of light available. It is obtained thanks to the exceptional purity of glass from the renowned Preciosa glassworks. A specially selected structure softens the light and reduces contrasts that are tiring for the eye. It absorbs 8% of the light and distorts its color only in 6%. Lighting angle adjustment allows for smooth and precise adjustment from 15 ° to 40 °, also after mounting the luminaire.
The luminaire is supplied with a power supply with a TRIAC dimming option.


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