With summer comes colour!

We already have the opportunity to paint any luminaire from our range in the colour of your choice from the NCS palette.

The NCS colour service gives you a wide range of possibilities for the arrangement of your luminaires. The vivid, dynamic colours make the luminaires extremely expressive and the colours saturated.

Lighter and more subtle shades, on the other hand, blend beautifully into the interior, conveying cohesion and harmony as well as individuality.

Luminaires in NCS colors are finished with a fine texture. 


NOTE: The logistical minimum is 5 any fixture of the selected NCS color.

Exceptions are the colors listed below. Any number of luminaires can be ordered in these designer-selected colors.

The NCS colors were selected by the luminaire designers: 
Moonlight in colors: navy blue NCS S 4055-R70B, brick blue NCS S 4040-Y80R, green S 6010-B90G
Tonic in colors: blue NCS S 2005-B80G, orange NCS S 2060-Y70R
Otel in colors: orange NCS S 1060-Y80R, blue NCS S 1020-R80B, yellow NCS S 0540-G90Y
Firefly in colors: sand NCS S 1502-Y50R, dark green NCS S 8010-B90G, dark purple NCS S 7020-R60B, brick NCS S 4550-Y60R, navy blue NCS S7020-R8OB, blue NCS S 1020-R80B


Above: MOONLIGHT luminaires by Daniel Becker Studio
Bottom: OTEL luminaires by BUCK.STUDIO
Bottom: FIREFLY by MIXD (Joanna Mazurek & Piotr Kalinowski)

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